With all the sizes, shapes, materials and features, how do you choose which blind?

Size … like shutters the trend is “bigger is better” and for good reason. Bigger slats provide a more open view
utside when in the fully open position. The increased space between each slat also allows for easier cleaning. The bigger slats give a more shutter look at a lower price.

Shapes … blinds cannot be shaped to any window like a shutter. There are, however, plenty of specialty products available. Arches can be treated with horizontal slats, tapered louver “Sunburst” arches, or operable Highlite arched treatments. Treatments come in most paint colors and some are available to match stained blinds.

Material … blinds are offered in four materials … Aluminum, Composite, Wood, and Fauxwood. Aluminum is lightweight, offers by far the most color selection, and available in 1” or 2” slat. Composite blinds are a blend of wood and PVC that is available in unique shapes and textures. Wood is a natural insulator and great choice for a rich stained look. Fauxwood is now the best selling of the four, offering the look of wood at a better price.

Features … The new 2 ½” slat size is our favorite. In taking the extra step for that “shutter look” there are several ways to eliminate the route holes in the slats used by several manufactures. One way is to eliminate the hole entirely, a HunterDouglas feature called “DeLight”. The other is Norman Window Fashions “Smart Privacy”. They have reduced the size of the hole and positioned it at the back of the slat. When the slats are closed the holes are covered. MagnaView pulls two slats together when open doubling the view area. Valances can be outside mounted with returns for a Cornice Board finish. A motorized tilt control can be added to many blinds at a reasonable price.

Why Blinds?

With all the sizes, shapes, materials and features, how do you choose which blind?
Throughout our 28 years serving the Houston area we have installed thousands of blinds. You will receive the same individual attention that all of our previous customers have. We understand the importance of making the right decision when choosing how to treat your windows. You can rest assured our sales consultant will never rush that decision. He will take the time necessary to inform, educate, and recommend but the look We want is the look You want. We take multiple measurements at each window to assure the best possible fit. The little details make a big difference. “Your blinds look better than my blinds” is commonly heard by In House Design customers.

So what is the latest and most popular blind out now?

Norman Window Fashions recently released a new line of Wood and Fauxwood Blinds that has quickly become our favorite. Just look at the features listed below of the Fauxwood blind …

  • Patented SmartPrivacy feature allows optimum blind closure for the utmost levels of privacy.
  • Superior colorfastness, endures over 2000 hours of UV testing.
  • Slats can withstand even the highest desert temperatures with industry leading 135 degrees heat deflection temperature.
  • Breakthrough slat formulation results in significantly reduced pull force required when raising blinds.
  • Extremely durable and hard slat surface; slats won’t dent or scratch over time.
  • Advanced smooth tilting mechanism makes tilting easier than ever.
  • Innovative Insta-Lock mechanism locks the blind at any position effortlessly.
  • Upgraded 3 ¼” Designer Crown valance.
  • Premium 2 ½” slats create an upscale and streamlined shutter appearance.
  • Moisture-resistant, fire retardant, lead free.
  • Reengineered bottom rail enhances structural integrity and eliminates bowing when blind is semi-raised.
  • Child safe and pet safe cord release device.

These new fauxwood blinds come in a great selection of colors and even several realistic stain options. To make it even better, two of the most popular colors are available for an even lower price are ready to install in just a few days.

We would like to invite you to join the thousands of Houston Area residents that know the “In House Design difference”. Compare us to the warehouse outlets and you will see why we say … “you could do-it-yourself … but Not for less”